Friday, August 28, 2015

Random Thoughts July 2015

July 2  
I joined Clash of Clans (the game app).  Justin has been obsessed with this game for over a year and it has caused some tension in our house.  I thought, "if I can't beat 'em, join 'em."
July 7
Spent last weekend in Logan celebrating the 4th.  Did the whole fireworks thing which was nice.  Dad has found a great location.  The kids has a fantastic time lighting off our little purchase of home fireworks.  The tanks are always a hit.  They also loved the parachute guys.
Our kitten, Myri, has been a fun addition to our family.  Jacob has really taken to her.
Isaac is spending the week with his cousin Dax in Millville.  I'm sure he's getting in as many game playing hours as possible.
I have a zit that is the hugest I've ever had.  I woke up Sunday morning to a swollen lip.  A VERY LARGE swollen lip.  Day three and it's gone down considerably, but still huge.
UGH.  I'm almost 40!
July 26
It has been a ROUGH month.  Justin lost his job AGAIN.  Raleigh decided to go with independent reps instead of company reps.  They fired almost the entire United States sales force.
Here we go aaaaagain.
Justin has been a little more successful this go round.
He's trying to start his own independent company called Flow Independent.  He has one strong line to represent so far and two great leads that should pan out this week.  *fingers crossed*
So we have to pay our own health insurance, taxes, gas, everything.
This could go really really well, or really really bad.
I have been going through a major sort of depression which is super stinky for everyone around me.
We had a great time at a Dittmer reunion in St. George last weekend.  I enjoy this family so much.
I will miss if they decide to forgo reunions due to size and cost.

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