Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ammon and I were having "Ammon/Mommy time" the other night and went to our neighbors hot tub for awhile.  He was a non-stop chatterer, which I love.  He's very inquisitive when he's like this. 
Out of the blue he said, "did you know I have a crush?"
This made me  lol  for reals.  
I asked him who it was.
"Her name is Cecily."  
I asked him why he liked her.
"Because she's cute.  Because she has freckles, Because she doesn't pick her nose."
I was really LOL'ing over this one.
The cherry on top:
I asked him if he wants kiss her. 
He said, "no." Pause.  "well, maybe."


On a side note, this kid is amazing.  He might have a hard excruciating time getting homework done on occasion, but sometimes he can blow my mind.  
This morning, he gave himself a bath, put on his suit, fixed his hair, AND worked on his book report.  ALL without asking.
*Smiling Mom*

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