Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things...and in no important order

Things I'm going to miss about Minnesota:
My wonderful friends
Being a Mormon in the mission field
The ferocious thunder storms 
A small intimate temple/Seeing people I know often there
Fun thrift stores
Having four kids is unique
Green Green Green
Pretzel bagels from Deal Smart
Awesomest accent in the country
Black caps in July
A lake at every turn
Mountain bike rides at Elm Creek

Things I'm NOT going to miss about Minnesota:
The fox bark in my back yard
Mosquitoes and bugs in general
Crazy hot.  Crazy cold.
Early morning seminary

Things I'm looking forward to in Utah:
Hobby Lobby
Tiny Spicy Chicken
That yummy fresh rain smell
Temple Square
No more early morning seminary!!!
Dating for the kids
Typical families
Dusk walks
Seeing cows and farms

Things I'm NOT looking forward to in Utah:
The accent
Having four kids is NOT unique.  At all.  Nor is being a Mormon.
Squishy yards.  Give me space!
Dumb news stories

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