Thursday, November 3, 2011

My birthday

Alrighty peeps.  I'm officially out of my early thirties and now into my late thirties.  
36.  I am 36.  
I did have a nice, make that pretty darn good birthday though, considering the girth of numbers I am now.  
I went with my Mom and Dad to Gerten's and bought three fruit trees (Honeycrisp, Sweet 16, and a plum).  My mom has been having chronic coughing for months and months and had a fun little puke episode so we all got so smell vomit on the drive home.  Poor mommy.  
 I am so beyond excited to have my own little orchard now in my back yard.  I've put it off because it's so final.  Buying a house wasn't final, but the trees have been.  Am I really going to live the rest of my life in....Minnesota?  
The kids plus grandpa and I went on a walk on this gorgeous fall day in the field by my house.  
What wasn't gorgeous were the gnats.  

I was spoiled by my great friends and family this year.  
Love you guys!
 My mom made chocolate cake.  I didn't have to make my own this year...a rare treat.
Allison and Isaac bought me Skittles which I love.  And I mean love.
I was even doorbell ditched!!!
This is going to be a great year.  I can feel it!

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