Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Thoughts

Wanted to post some random thoughts and happenings.  I was thinking about the name of our family blog.  One Crazy Household.  It truly does seem to fit us.  There is always some excitement going on; rarely a dull moment, and I cherish those dull moments so.
What will the new year bring for us?  Hmmm.  Well Isaac will officially be a teenager in February.  We should have four bedrooms + office in our house shortly.  Repaint the family room.  Ammon will be in first grade in the fall, opening up a world of more options for me.  Our home loan (7 year ARM) is due to run out this spring.  Going to try the gluten free diet crap again.  Oh wait, that's not new, but I've been off for quite some time.  Waaaa.  I love ice cream and carbs so.  Hopefully Justin and I will get away together again this year.
Looking at this list, there is nothing big coming up.  All normal-o family things that keep our house rolling. 
Other randomness:
We got lots of new games for Christmas and it has be sooooo much fun spending the week with the family. We usually go to Oklahoma for the break, which we love love love and have noticeably missed, but due to many reasons we stayed home.  This opened up the option of more personal family time which is rare and precious to me.  Albeit, there have been moments I either wanted to lock the kids in the bathroom, or leave the house for an indefinite amount of time.  
We have played a game called Smallworld several times and it is finally sinking in.  Wow that game has lots to learn, and I'm not sure that it's all that great yet, but for what it cost, we're going to love it.  We also have been playing nertz/oh heck/dutch blitz and a term coined by Isaac, doink.  We had a huge game tonight with everyone plus two of Jacob's friends. Those boys love to talk.  I finally had to initiate a new rule of no talking while playing.  Then the next round only one syllable words allowed when you play a card.  "dinosaur"  giggle giggle.
Also got Despicable Me which is a fantastic movie and is one of my all time favorites; the family has been walking around speaking in a German? accent and quoting the evil villain.
More thoughts:
I enjoy Ammon so much.  He has something special about him that makes me smile even at the blackest of times.  Not to say all of my children aren't special, I've just been thinking about him.  He has a great sense of humor and is constantly making jokes.  His latest thing is to rhyme.  You might ask him to go get a cup and he'd say go get a pup?  It's usually a letter p he uses.  
We went cross county skiing the other day and he went over a mile and did awesome.  
He said to me one day, I'm thinking about my love for you.  so sweet.  
One of my favorite things about my day is seeing Ammon walking home from the bus, with is blue Mario backpack slung sideways on him as he tromps through the snow.  If I go to meet him he usually comes up to me with a full out run (with back pack) and jumps into my arms with a huge hug and kiss.  And of course, chicken nuggets with honey for lunch.  Every day.  
He got Goosebumps for the Wii for Christmas and can't get enough of it.  
He is so eager to please and loves to copy me or Justin.  Oh, he is a stinker at prayers.  He is just finally saying them, and they are beautiful.  He is thankful for everything and asks for nothing.  It's just hard to get him to say them at other times than bed time.  And at any other prayer time, he is open eyed, rolling around on the floor, eating his food etc.  Then Jacob feels like he's the dictator making sure everyone is proper during prayer, so I'm always eyes open making gestures at both of them.  I hope Heavenly Father is looking down and laughing at us occasionally.  It must be a humorous sight on occasion. 

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