Monday, November 29, 2010


Isaac has been working on the new Duty to God program, the latest being to study four different gospel topics.  He wrote this paper for our family home evening tonight.  

Definition: believing something that you can’t see.
Teachings and Examples: Nephi built a boat as commanded by God even though he didn’t know why. King Darius had faith that Daniel would not get eaten by the lions in the lion’s den and Daniel wasn’t eaten by lions. I had faith-and still do- that my grandma’s knee would heal. Now she is mostly healed, but is still having trouble with it.
Thoughts about why this topic is important: faith is an important topic to me because it is believing and believing in Christ is very important. Without faith, the world would be careless and dull. Having faith is also important because maybe your relatives are dying and you hope they get better. Having hope is about the same thing as faith, so you’re not acting careless, your acting faithful and hopeful for a relative. I believe in Jesus Christ and all that the scriptures tell me and you should believe in them too. I think that if you have faith, then you will live a great life. Having faith for learning is pretty important because, if you didn’t have faith that you can learn well, then you probably won’t. You might also stop believing in what you are supposed to believe in and have a careless and clumsy life-and afterlife. I would like to bear my testimony that I know that faith is very important to use a lot of the time, and I also believe in Christ, the eternal father, and I believe in the holy temple and churches for these are what we all should believe in and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. I don't know how you get your boys to be so motivated. I have to twist Ty's arm to do ANYTHING.
    Isaac did a great job!

  2. If you only
    Why do you think I posted this for my posterity to see? It was amazing that he did it without too many reminders, plus even more amazing that he took it so seriously. Sometimes this kid does something that makes me take a double look. He's pretty awesome.